8 free perfume samples, it must be Christmas!

by charlie on December 12, 2012

Seeing as it is fast approaching Christmas we have hunted down an extra special collection of 8 free samples for you to wear. Why not request all 8 samples so you can spend the festive season smelling fabulous for free! Huge Boss are offering sample freebies for the following scents:

For the guys…

  • HUGO JUST DIFFERENT: A mint basil and freesia blend for men
  • HUGO MAN: Papaya flowers, and green apple combine to create this aquatic men’s scent
  • BOSS BOTTLED: A cool fresh fragrance for the modern man
  • BOSS BOTTLED NIGHT: For when you want to amp up the aroma with a woody intense blend
  • BOSS BOTTLED SPORT: A vigorous mix of citrus tones for the athletic contemporary man
  • BOSS ORANGE MAN: Be your own man with this liberating honest scent
For the girls…
  • BOSS NUIT: An alluring sophisticated floral scent for women
  • BOSS ORANGE: Captivating bursts of sandalwood and vanilla for the modern woman

Click here to request your free samples, Merry Christmas!

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